Best Budget Tips For Saving On Your Wedding

Most Canadians believe that a realistic wedding budget is $9000 but if you think about 100 guests at $150-200 per head, that’s much closer to $20,000!  Scary? Yes, but realistic.  There are ways to save though!  Read on some of the best budget tips for saving on your wedding day.  Grab my Ultimate DIY Wedding Checklist to up your planning game!



You can save some big money by going light and healthy during cocktail hour.  Service cheese and veggies, then for dinner why not a hired BBQ truck!  They are often reasonably priced and sooo yummy.  A huge hit with guests!  Win win and nom nom 😉

Some restaurants or venues offer a BYOB deal where you can bring your own wine and beer.  They serve up the food and you provide the drinks.  Check around your area to see who might offer this, the savings can add up.

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Purchasing flowers from a local grocery store and enlisting the help of family and friends to add wrap and other items can be a big savings.  

Think outside the box – table arrangements don’t have to flowers.  Having a theme to your wedding?  Or even a destination wedding down south?  A row of pineapples down the centre of the tables would fit that theme to a tee!  Cages, candles, greenery, the list goes on and on, you just have to be a little creative. 

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I’ve photographed two weddings that rented buses to transport the wedding party all day long.  Smaller communities are often able to accommodate this a little easier, but I’ve also been on-board a party bus that has music and lights!  A total fun time for everyone and no need for extra cars and missing routes!

Decor & Favours

Decor and favours can add up quickly, so when you’re on a tight budget, DIY to the rescue! Take matters into your own hands, roll up your sleeves and get to work on some personalized items.  These items really add to the experience of your day and show your personality, which is a huge hit with your guests.

1) Send guests home from a winter wedding with a homemade hot chocolate kit, complete with all the sweet essentials needed to make this beloved beverage, marshmallows and all. Inexpensive mugs are easy to find or for a little extra elegance, individual copper mugs will do the trick.  Plus, the pretty containers can see their fair share of use for alcoholic concoctions, warm or cold, after the wedding.

2) Appeal to the sweet tooth in all of us and gift your nearest and dearest with small vials of honey, which you can instantly assemble yourself. Cover tiny jars of this sweet substance with burlap, and print your own attachable tag.

3) Tying the knot in fall? Send your guests home with painted mini pumpkins to keep in line with the autumn feel.  This DIY craft can be tackled on a Saturday afternoon with a little bit of paint, gift tags, and craftsmanship. Set them on guests’s plates to denote their seating placements and liven up your reception tables.

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Happy Saving!! xo