You’re All Booked for a Boudoir Session!

I’m so happy to work with you in creating something for yourself that will empower you and make you realize how truly beautiful you are!  I LOVE boudoir photography and I pride myself on making every woman that works with me feel absolutely fabulous.  

moncton boudoir photographer

What To Bring

Your bag of goodies can be extensive but there are a few essentials.  Bottom line, bring LOTS.  We can put things together and work on what looks best.  I know that what to wear can be overwhelming, so feel free to check out my Pintrest Boudoir Board for ideas.  Make sure to come BARE faced so you can be ready to get pampered!

-lingerie, I recommend at least one bodysuit (AvidLove from Amazon is great quality yet inexpensive and arrives super fast)

-bras and bralettes with a few matching sets (Ardene’s has great prices and quality for bralettes)

-heels, black or nude, high heeled booties

-few pairs of underwear, lace and cotton cute ones

-cozy sweater, one of his shirts, big comfy socks

-a few pieces of jewelry

What to Expect

There’s a reason why I LOVE boudoir sessions.  The are FUN and AMAZING and you will feel so fabulous and beautiful.  I PROMISE! Any fears you might have disappear so fast once your look in the mirror and your hair and makeup is spot on.  The sip of champagne will put you at ease as we laugh and look over outfits, all while killer tunes are playing!  I will help you with poses and I talk non stop so you are never guessing what’s going on in my head.  I will guide you and yell out, “YESSSSS!!!” so many times you’ll laugh. There’ll be a spot for hair + makeup, we’ll chat while you’re being pampered, I’ll serve you champagne!  There’s a private bathroom for you to get ready in after you’re all glammed up and a great bed and props to work with.  I’ll make suggestions and climb on furniture to get the shot that best suits you.  I’ll shoot for 45mins or so and we’ll bounce ideas off each other.  You might have a pose in mind that I haven’t thought of that you absolutely need to have and that’s great! 

What to Expect for the Location

I will let you know the location of the shoot the day prior to the event.  I choose locations that are full of light and super amazing.  They are often local AirBnb’s and you’ll LOVE them.  Chic, modern, often cozy.  You will feel right at home!

What Happens Next

The images are delivered via an online gallery that you download.  They are hi res and fully edited, and normally arrive within 7-10 days of the event.  I’ll send you a sneak peek within 48hrs though so you can ohhh and ahhh and OMG all over!!  We can work together if you wish to have professional prints done or to create a book or other art from the images.  Most prices are $60 or less for print items.  

If you have more questions, let me know!  Just click below to send me an email 🙂