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I’m Jennifer, and I’m so happy you found me!  Since I believe in connections and their power to create magic, I’ll share some things about me.  I LOVE adventures and finding new hidden gems, so ask me to jump in for a day trip somewhere and I’m there!  I’m outgoing and love to laugh, sprinkle in ambition and the love of a good challenge and you’ve got me.  You can find me in plaid shirts and jeans, t-shirts and jean shorts in the summer, barefoot and seeking out sunny spots. 

I’ve always loved the idea of photography and what started out as a hobby when my boys were born (mainly to document their little lives) turned into a passion that’s still going strong, over 10 years later.  I think everyone deserves to have moments of their lives captured –  images bring you right back to that moment after all.  I just love that.  I’ll laugh right along side you, I’ve climbed trees to get THE shot and I’m game for just about anything.  

I’m so fortunate to have the BEST clients, and so many repeat clients that we can say we’re friends now.  That’s what’s unique about me, I’ve created these amazing relationships because this just isn’t a “job” for me, it’s what I LOVE and that comes across when we work together.  You get the whole package with me! xo Talk soon!


Morning Coffee in Bed +  Road Trips + The Sun  + Summer + Craft Beer + Laughter + My Sons +  My Man + Music +  Natural Light + Family Time + Mountains + Exploring New Places + River Runs + Good TV Shows + Chocolate + Anywhere Outdoors + My Fur Babies



Invest in your wedding photos because at the end of the day, your love and that day are worth it! 

You deserve to be yourself and have fun with your partner, your family, and friends!  I create such a unique experience, because you are more than just people in front of my camera.  I’m the old friend that makes you laugh, guides you, and supports you from beginning to end.  I celebrate your day right along with everyone (I even get the dance party started! TRUE STORY).  I’ve been photographing weddings for years.  I shoot close to home as well destination and elopements that require a bit more adventure.  Whether you are local or further away I’d love to hear more about your plans and your unique  love story.  Send me an email so we can get started planning your EPIC day!!


Where are you and do you travel?

Oh my gosh, YES I travel and LOVE it! I live in Moncton, NB but just love travelling throughout the Maritimes and Canada.  I especially love mountains, water, or any natural outdoor beautiful setting.  Flat rate travel fees do apply and depend on the destination. Destination weddings are a little different – you get me to a place on my wish list and I shoot your wedding for free. 

How would you describe your style?

“Authentic and lovingly genuine”

I am such a lover of love, I love the small touches partners make that they don’t even notice.  I am drawn to raw emotion and true happiness.  I do my absolute best to express this through my images, and often times am forgotten about while I shoot because I am quiet and watch as things unfold naturally.  I do of course totally get that most people aren’t naturals and feel awkward in front of the camera, but I have little tricks I use (often involving being completely ridiculous and maybe inappropriate!) but trust me, almost every single person I shoot says after, “Wow, that was easier and so much more fun than I thought!”. I got your back on this.  

How much should we expect to pay?

There’s no hidden fees with me, it’s just super easy.  I have 3 wedding packages that should get you started, ranging from $1200 with the most popular one at $2000.  Everyone is unique so I customize to meet your needs. The most popular portrait session is $180. Travel, additional hours, and custom prints are extra and are listed in the links above.  Please use the contact form above  or the link below to get even more info.

Ok, we NEED to book you, what now?

AMAZING! I can’t WAIT to get to know you and am so thrilled you’ve chosen me!  To book, I require a retainer and a signed contract.  Email me to get the ball rolling.  So EXCITING!!



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