Moncton photography

Hello there! 

I’m Jennifer, and I’m so happy you found me!  Since I believe in connections and their power to create magic, I’ll share some things about me.  I LOVE adventures and finding new hidden gems, so ask me to jump in for a day trip somewhere and I’m there!  I’m outgoing and love to laugh, sprinkle in ambition and the love of a good challenge and you’ve got me.  You can find me in plaid shirts and jeans, t-shirts and jean shorts in the summer, barefoot and seeking out sunny spots. 

I’ve always loved the idea of photography and what started out as a hobby when my boys were born (mainly to document their little lives) turned into a passion that’s still going strong.  I think everyone deserves to have moments of their lives captured –  images bring you right back to that moment after all.  I just love that.  I will laugh right along side you, I’ve climbed trees to get THE shot and I’m game for just about anything.  Don’t be surprised that after our shoot I often take up more of your time just chatting!

I’m so fortunate to have the BEST clients, and so many repeat clients that we can say we’re friends now.  That’s what’s unique about me, I’ve created these amazing relationships because this just isn’t a “job” for me, it’s what I LOVE and that comes across when we work together.  You get the whole package with me! xo Talk soon! moncton new brunswick photographer


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