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This was completely unplanned.  See it was Ty’s birthday (my kiddo!) and I really just wanted to take him and Maya on a little adventure.  He’d never been to Cape Enrage or really too many places in Alma.  And I really wanted to take him to Holy Whale Brewing Co.  (sadly they were closed).  First stop was Cape Enrage and I can honestly say I’ve never been there when the tide is out and wow, what a spectacular treat it is to be there at that time.  

moncton photography.

It was a bit cold by the ocean but I convinced Ty and Maya to head down closer to the water all the while my camera was clicking away.  They both said, “we don’t know what to do! We’re not models!” It doesn’t matter!  That’s my job anyway as a photographer 🙂  moncton photography

Clearly it all worked out! As you can see, these two are naturals and for the five minutes they appeased me, I got some of the cutest images of them.  Enough that even Ty said, “awww, ok, that’s cute” a few times 😉 xox

Always feel free to contact me to book a fun adventure session.  I love finding hidden gems and having this much fun.

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