What to expect on-location

I will sneak in a few images and will probably tell you, “I’m just testing my light, carry on!” You’ll act completely natural and I’ll capture that!  This also helps you get a feel for how our session will go, remember, I am outgoing and lovable and will do what I can to get you feeling that love too.  For family session with little ones, expect to fun, play, jump, sing, laugh, and get dirty!  I will do my best to capture the smiles you know and see every day in natural moments.  For family sessions with older kids, the focus will be on family of course, but also photos of specific groups (siblings, your children with their significant other, you and your partner etc.)  For couple sessions, you will still do some the fun things listed above, just not as often or as extreme as the focus will be on capturing you as a couple.  The location is completely up to you, whether it’s urban, at the beach, a country field, a playground etc.  The location of your session is very important to creating beautiful, one of a kind images.  I never use flash, preferring to use the natural warm light essential in creating naturally gorgeous images. 

What to expect in-home

Because I am a natural light photographer, shooting in your home may not always be a possibility, but I LOVE in home sessions so I always say GO FOR IT! Natural light is very important and will achieve those warm gorgeous images. I will arrive a little early so I can get a feel for where I will be shooting.  I’ll probably ask to move some furniture around to get the best light too.  For young family shoots, you’ll run, play, laugh, maybe make cookies and smile ’til your cheeks hurt!  Having your home prepared is very important to creating stunning images – if you have laundry on the floor or dirty dishes on the counter, they could end up in your photos.  For couple shoots, be prepared for all of the above too, just on a more low key level.  Shooting in your home is all about being in your element, and I love to capture the real life that goes on inside it!  So think talks and snuggles over coffee, cooking up your favourite meal, boardgames and more. 

What to wear

I will be happy to consult with you prior to your session on clothing choices, and I recommend bringing a few outfits.  You should dress your kids in stylish, casual, colourful clothing.  

DO: Wear LOTS of colour, lots of layers, and get as fun as you can!

DON’T: Dress in all matching shirts and pants.  If you’d like to portraits that reflect a more traditional style, then I am probably not the photographer for you.