Summer Bride Makeup Tips You Need This Season

Wedding season is just around the corner and along with all the other wedding planning, it’s time to start thinking makeup!  With the summer heat, you don’t want to have a makeup meltdown, so whether your a bride-to-be or attending, these summer bride makeup tips will help you navigate the hot sun and heat.

Keep it light

Just like clothing, the last thing you want is layers and layers that can cake and streak in the hot summer sun.  Less is definitely more during the summertime heat waves, so avoid overdoing your makeup. BB or CC creams can be your best bet, as they can pack great sun-protecting SPF, help you conceal blemishes, and also keep your face feeling fresh and airy.

Let the sun give you your glow

We all want that sun-kissed glow so the lure of bronzers is strong!  But maybe it’s time to think again, and stick to basics.  The sun will give you just enough natural glow and that dewy look.  If you do use bronzers, avoid ones with too much shimmer, they can reflect poorly in photos.  Opt for a light, matte bronzer with the premise it’s just going to keep the shine under control, while adding a great subtle colour.

Avoid going too dark

Set down your favourite dark lipstick and go for a soft lip colour paired with a lighter eyeshadow. The smokey eye look and deep lipstick tones will look heavy and wintery and are also more prone to fading noticeably. Don’t forget the eyelashes!  Use falsies and a rich deep mascara (but not cakey!). This way, instead of spending your time touching up your look in the ladies’ room, you can be mingling with family and friends and enjoying the summer sun!

SPF is your new BFF

Yes, we all want a nice summer glow for our wedding day but trust me, SPF is essential, and you’ll still get a beautiful glow with it. This goes for pre-wedding face care as well, don’t get caught with a sunburned face just days before your big day, think peeling noses!  Choose foundations, BB or CC creams, or tinted facial moisturizers that have plenty of trustworthy SPF coverage to help you keep away the redness. 

Prepare for touch-ups

The key for surviving summer weddings is bringing a touch-up kit with you at all times. Often times your makeup artist will supply you with this, and your trusted bridesmaid or friend can keep this close at hand.  Blotting papers and a light, translucent face powder (which will also help to set your face makeup) are essential to stopping unwanted shine. Of course, you also want to keep your lip colour handy for touch-ups in between all those kiss filled photos!

These summer wedding makeup tips will ensure you’re prepared for whatever heatwave comes your way!