Tips Every Bride Should Do For Their Wedding Day

wedding day tips for brides

All the planning is done and your day is (gulp) finally here!  Below are wedding day tips to make sure your best day ever goes as stressfree as possible while being energized and looking refreshed!


1. Get plenty of sleep the night before

Ok, this one might not be that easy, you’re beyond excited, family and friends are in town, you might have a rehearsal party going on so you’re thinking there’s no way sleep is happening!   Maybe so, but giving yourself some down time is essential to looking and feeling your best (think puffy eyes!) Set a “stop-time” for yourself and stick to it.  Limit your caffeine to your morning coffee, soothe yourself by reading or writing in your journal, and put away those electronics. Gadgets like this emit blue light, which is said to delay the production of melatonin, so keeping the body awake. 

2. Eat a breakfast high in complex carbs and protein

This combo of nutrients takes longer to break down in your body so it keeps you going longer and will give you real energy, not just the excited energy you’ll automatically have on your big day.

3. Drink plenty of water

We all know the benefits of drinking your daily intake of water and your wedding day is no different. Aside from keeping you healthy and hydrated, extra perks of hydration include energy boosts and skin health as well. If you woke up with puffy eyes or a fuller face than usual, try adding some lemon to your water. A natural diuretic, it will help you to shed any excess water and will have you looking your best in no time!

4. Wear a button up shirt or robe 

What?! Very true and something you might not have thought of.  Brides often wear tank tops or t-shirts and then ooops, have to pull it off over their perfect new hair and makeup! Dress shirts or robes are a perfect way to ensure your hair and makeup stay put.

5. Turn on the tunes! 

Nothing sets a tone and mood like music so throw on your wedding day playlist to create that fun vibe. Turn up the volume on your killer playlist of getting-ready wedding songs to get you and your peeps amped up for the main event. 

6. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Remember that at the end of the day, this is about you marrying your best friend. Your day will fly by and guess what?  No one will know if you forgot the chalk board with a cute saying, or if the a decoration is missing.  You’ll know sure, but NO ONE else will!  Instead of worrying about those details, concentrate on the moments you have with family and friends, really pay attention.  By doing so, you’ll remember those connections and interactions for years to come.  And while you’re at it, take 5 with your new partner, away from everyone else, take him/her aside and take a deep breathe together.  This is YOUR day, so soak each other in.  

7. Emergency kit 

You never know what can happen in the run of day so it’s essential to have a bridal emergency kit.  Pack some bandaids, travel sewing kit, tissues, deodorant, safety pins, etc.  Ask your maid of honour or friend to keep this on hand and close by. 

8. Thank your wedding party, parents, and vendors

There are more than likely quite a few people who helped you plan your perfect day so remember to thank them properly. Taking a few minutes to share a special moment with them shows them how much you appreciate all they’ve done for you. They’ve been with you through the whole process! Share a toast to your wedding party, parents, and vendors during your reception is a wonderful way to show your thanks.